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At eezycd, our innovative medication measurement rulers revolutionize healthcare practices. With precise measurements, our rulers enhance medication compliance, support staff efficiency, and instil confidence in processes.


Controlled Drug Accuracy Measures

The Controlled Drug Accuracy Measures will deliver many benefits to your organisation’s Controlled Drug Stock Management practices and governance controls.

The Controlled Drug Accuracy Measures are built to save time during mandatory stock checks.  The measures will enable staff to be with their patients’ instead of being left in the treatment room trying to resolve discrepancies.  Currently, discrepancies occur during an unknown time period which creates time pressures during investigations.

The Accuracy Measures enable you to perform a quick and easy volume check whenever you wish to.

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We have this year implemented the use of eezycd accuracy rulers across the trust and have found that they have enabled a standardisation to are twice daily visual running balance stock checks that we did not have before, therefore allowing discrepancies in liquid running balances to be highlighted, investigated and actioned at a much earlier stage in the documentation process.

Emma Patterson
Lead Pharmacist for Clinical Trials and Controlled Drug Governance
NHS Trust

I have worked closely with Rosemary in the implementation of the eezycd Controlled Drugs (CD) rulers across Ramsay Health Care UK. These measuring rulers have provided tremendous benefits to CD governance within our organisation.

Pie Hung
Medication Safety Officer

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Increase Staff Confidence

Staff can take accountability without having to open a bottle.  Controlled Drugs cause staff an enormous amount of stress and time lost to practice, the new measures will change their lives.

Be More Time Efficient

Daily stock checks take significant time, result in loss of liquid, and divert staff from their essential tasks, eezycd will free staff time to dedicate to other important tasks. 

Improve Compliance

The Controlled Drug Accuracy Measures will improve your compliance, and accuracy and reduce your need for intervention, investigation, and documentation.

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